The factory was founded in 1998 and has a history of nearly 20 years.In the first half of the factory, about six or seven years of time is mainly for the foreign enterprises in the development zone to manufacture jig mainly, the main products are non-standard chuck, tools, molds and small special equipment and automatic feeding machine, automatic discharging machine and so on.In this stage, the precision processing technology of the factory was cultivated, and 1-2 technical backbones were cultivated in each type of work, which laid a solid foundation for the later development.

In the recent 10 years, the company mainly focuses on precision parts processing and precision shaft production, and has gradually formed a professional production factory with precision shaft as the leading product and small parts precision machining as the main product.

Precision shaft products are divided into several categories:

1. Shaft for office equipment.

Several spindles are used for printers.Precision shaft embedded in plastic parts, supply dalian Canon company.There are also some printer shaft and parts exported directly to Japan, is used in Japan's high-end management of the bill printer.

2. Shaft for precision motor.

At present, it mainly supplies to the Indian factories of American danaher rotary company.This company's motor shaft type is many, the quantity is few, the processing precision request is high, they also looked for some matching factories to be not ideal in the domestic.I plant with high processing accuracy, timely delivery to win the praise of users.After more than three years of cooperation, the business volume is gradually expanding, from more than 20 kinds of products in 2010 to nearly 1000 varieties now.The company also recently introduced us to their Swiss and Czech plants and leica Microsystems, and has had steady orders.The company is a world famous mechanical transmission parts company, their products for the world's top American GE, Germany Siemens and other companies supporting.

3. Automobile shaft.

At present mainly for the automobile oil pump factory form a complete set, the oil pump shaft is the automobile to supply the oil pump motor the key part, its processing precision is high at present in the domestic axle processing profession also only has a few to be possible to produce.

At present, the oil pump motor shaft produced by our factory is being matched for Shanghai zhuxin auto parts company.At the same time for the oil pump plant in Slovenia to provide a variety of samples.Two of them have passed the strict quality certification examination in the automobile industry and obtained the "production parts approval letter (PSW)".

The factory has more than 30 NC automatic lathes, 10 precision centerless grinding machines, 6 machining centers, 6 walking machines, and more than 20 sets of special equipment for blanking, heat treatment and processing of various elements (steps, holes, threads, flat surface, reinforcement, etc.).Has formed an annual output of precision shaft 20 million production capacity.The factory covers an area of 2200 square meters and has more than 100 employees.The factory obtained ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification in 2009.

In the recent six years, the factory has produced some automotive shafts in small quantities, and obtained ISO16949 certification in 2014. According to the requirements, a quality management and control system focusing on prevention has been established.Provide FMEA analysis to customers, prepare PPAP documents, attach importance to original record management.Problems can be traced at any time, the cause of analysis, development and implementation of countermeasures, so that the factory's product quality continues to improve.

At present, 70% of our products are exported to Europe and America.Stable product quality, timely delivery, competitive prices, won the praise of customers.